Boom Beach Game Battle Experience

Boom Beach Battle Royal It’s been a while that I’ve been playing Boom Beach, I’ve found out that it is hard to go on top in Boom Beach best gamers because there are rare currency given in the video game. One thing which makes the video game very entertaining is that you can have a good battle experience during raid and defense. Although there are no clans or alliance nevertheless it is still base against other online gamers or the AI Blackguards. Another good thing that can happen in the game every time you capture enemy base and make it your own, it is best to fortify the defense buildings because there are lots of gamers who will capture your newly captured base. So it is best to upgrade the defense building occasionally to continually provide strong defense and remain the owner of the base. In case your base is taken, you will have a difficult time to recapture it. I suggest that you need to fully upgrade your base defense and resource building to be able to stand against strong raiding enemies who will get your precious resources. If you are a diamond buyer or Boom Beach hack secret user do not expect that you cannot be defeated because there are top gamers online who will purchase diamonds to suite up their base and likely will recruit strong troops to raid your base to challenge you. What I like most about the video game is that you have a control over infantry boat which delivers your soldiers and tanks while there are backup behind (the destroyer that can plenty of missiles) before your troops can infiltrate enemy HQ to do the task, it also requires a lot of energy since it is expected that enemy base will be fully fortified with defense. Your best shot in the game is to use fog grenade that will blind enemy radar and during infiltration enemy defensive weapons cannot fire at will since your troops are invisible, although fog grenade are limited so better to deploy troops quickly and precisely. One thing I don’t like the video game when your troops or your enemy troops will blast your HQ all your building will blown into pieces which means that you will lose the defense or you can win the raid without any challenge.

However the video game has lots of critics you cannot stop the popularity of the video game. If you are a fan of Boom Beach then you already know that this video game requires plenty of time to be able to secure your base using materials like wood, stone, gold, and more, however if you have just few hours of playing the video game everyday your best option is to purchase premium currency. It is best to give at least few hours every day if you want to gradually develop your HQ and can withstand strong attack even if you are not a diamond buyer. If you are looking for the best help for acquiring Boom Beach free diamonds can visit this weblink.

Rockstar Doing the Job Right with GTA V Next Gen


Nothing is like beginning to GTA V game than by leaving you on a county next to a whole mess of three unique characters. Something that is very difficult to do and that if you mess up, you get messed up. After that, your only goal is to survive and complete missions, achieved by causing as much trouble in contemporary society as possible. As with most legendary video game series, the Grand Theft Auto V saga started off big just like its predecessor GTA IV and has worked its way up to becoming a landmark in traditional sandbox gaming. In fact, the series may have not taken shape at all due to production issues.

Thankfully for trigger-happy GTA Onlinew junkies such as myself, the team of developers that is now called Rockstar North based in Edinburgh, Scotland saw to it that the game would be created, and ever since, the snowball has grown into an avalanche. The satirical, violence-ridden landscape of Grand Theft Auto and the bustling metropolises of Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City, Los Santos,  all of which would go on to receive their own titles, all hearkens back to Grand Theft Auto’s first inception in 1997, most famously on the MS-DOS and Windows systems. But the Playstation had a stake in the profits of GTA as well, although the game is somewhat lacking in a lot of attributes that the PC version has to offer.

For example, there are three playable characters in the Playstation 4 and Xbox One port (next gen), compared to eight in the PC, and two radio stations compared to seven. Such a discrepancy in the aesthetics department might turn away PC gamers, but that does not take away from the work to be done on the streets of each city you travel to. Need a job? Your arrow will point you in the direction of payphones that your gangster buddies will be blowing up. Not literally, just calling a lot. Also working to your advantage is your communication system in the form of cellphones and internet that shows up on the top left of your screen, giving you hints as to where stashed cars are.

Do each job without getting killed or arrested and you’ll be rewarded accordingly, building up your reputation with each character and progression through the city of Los Santos. Such a relaxed style of gameplay should not be taken for granted. If you screw up with the cops on sight, you’ll receive a wanted level. Get arrested, and all your weapons will be confiscated, along with cash for a bribe. On top of that, your actions will end up on your rap sheet. Yes, even though you can get in trouble for going around and shooting civilians and stirring up trouble for the cops willy nilly, this is all what the GTA series does so well to convey. Why should you have to complete game objectives in a certain order? Why can’t you just be the captain of your own ship for a while before you tackle the main story? As a believer in the sandbox method of gaming, I commend DMA Design and Take Two Interactive and the entire Rockstar family for having the balls to bring sandbox gaming to the mainstream. The more teachers, the police, politicians, and parents complain, the more I feel that these guys are doing the job right, and the more I look back at the original Grand Theft Auto V  with heightened nostalgia fourteen years later. Visit here for more GTA news and updates, guide, tutorials, and everything about the game.

Stunning City Simulation Epitomized in SimCity BuildIt

Simcity Buildit

Building the City in terms of entertainment especially with SimCity is among the popular genre of the video game. However, this time you can play the game in the mobile devices. Here goes the SimCity BuildIt a video game which is compared to SimCity in different platforms, while you work to provide the needs of your wonderful City. The game also gives a plenty of task as you acquire needed materials to upgrade your Sims residential houses and continue to make your City growing.

Working on stuffs will let your mind work hard more than you can anticipated, especially since it will become very challenging to give your citizens’ needs as your grow to higher upgrades. Although not really happening in real life but if you become a mayor this will be the feeling.

Compared to other SimCity games, SimCity BuildIt is a lot more different, for instance zoning which has different functions. However, you cannot just simply build anything without following the need of your people and the City. Rather, you will be given a particular number of plots for your residential buildings and factories as you increase in level, although this will limit your choices and somehow will make your plan simple.

You must not forget not to utilize all free residential plots, considering the amount of services your Sims asking for you to do may vary on the amount of residential plots you are utilizing and not your entire population. So better think in advance before using these plots because the more your use them the more job you will have. However, if you have enough supply of electricity and water you will provide them enough satisfaction. At this rate you need to be more focus on upgrading on the previous residence buildings and later on when you have plenty of money you will have to purchase more power grid.

Your residence needed fresh air so before you build factories you need to plan ahead where you put them so that your residences will not ask for a cleaner air or upgrade their flat. Considering that with pollution in the area will affect the mood of your Sims population and they will not be happy about it. SimCity BuildIt is as stunning entertainment for those who are looking for mobile game City Simulation, and you read the blog for additional game info that will help when playing it.

Getting the Most out of 3D Printing Technology in 2015


3D printers have come a long way just in the last few months; we’re getting to a point where I’m going to have to ask “what can’t we print?” Printing is not dead. Not at all. Midway through the last century, futurists began to predict the death of paper, and they’re still wrong. In fact, we seem to be in a new industrial age, where tiny factories can sit on your desk next to your paperclips. I definitely don’t have paperclips anymore. 3D printing has spurred a whole new creative generation of makers. People who design and “print” their own creations to satisfy curiosity, specific needs or even Science!3D printers are getting more varied, last month, the World Advanced Saving Project unveiled a printing robot which constructs whole houses out of materials readily available in impoverished countries: mud and natural fibers. Construction of this type has been common for the millenia, and because the robot uses triangles instead of solid bricks, the houses are both stronger, and require less mud. It can build houses 10 feet (3M) tall using only materials found on site — so they’re FREE. They say they got inspired by the potter wasp, which builds it’s houses of mud and fibers. Yet another Biomimicry example!

Speaking of copying nature though, a lot of the 3D printing craze is prosthetics. Also last month, this 3D printed prosthetic hand was created by the Range of Motion Project who work in Guatemala and Ecuador. Using 3D printers and electromyographic electronics, students from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign can create a prosthetic hand that senses the sensory feedback from the brain and translates it to movement in the hand. It can be custom created in a little over a day for about 270 bucks and, with use, learns more than the five motions in its original programming. The researchers say thanks to 3D printing technology, they were able to prototype years sooner than with traditional manufacturing. It can even respond with electrical signals back into the arm!

 It’s not all plastic hands and mud houses though. Remember when they spent years learning to grow ears on the backs of rats? Now, researchers at University College London, 3D print structures using biological ‘ink.’ Using the ear as an example, they can scan an ear, and then use a 3D printer — create a plastic cellular scaffold. They implant the scaffold under the skin of the patient’s arm, skin grows over it and fills in the space with blood vessels and tissue. The ear is then attached to the side of the head! Bam! 3D printed ear! They believe it won’t be too long before people can print the organs without implanting them first. They can already grow some biological tissues in the lab, included bone, skin and vascular sections. It won’t be long now. According to research firm Gartner, 3D printer sales are going to double each year for the next three. By 2018, there could be almost two-and-a-half million 3D printers out there. This could be the tipping point, and the future so bright, I might have to print some shades.

Cyberbullying for Dummies – The Things You Need to Know

Cyberbullying Online
As the old saying goes, “On the the Internet, no one know you’re a dog,” and science is showing, cyberbullying has some long-lasting effects. Our parents had bullies, they stole their lunch money on the walk to school and beat them up out of sight of the teachers, but cyberbullies don’t have to go far to get out of sight or find a victim. A study in School Psychology Quarterly found when it comes to bullying: girls were more likely to be victims of verbal or relational assaults, while boys were more likely to be physically bullied, and as kids age the physical bullying peters out, but cyberbullying increases.

According to research in Psicothema, one in four teens were cyber-bullied in the year prior to the study. And unlike old school bullying, the internet is in your pocket all the time thanks to smartphones. 63 percent of the teens said they never shut off their phones, so they can be bullied anywhere, and as more people carry devices like phones and laptops the numbers will grow. The long-term effects of this round-the-clock bullying are just beginning to be studied. According to the same Psicothema study, with most, the cyberbullying lasted less than a month; but four percent of teens said they’d been regularly cyber-bullied for three to six months and three percent for more than a year! That’s a lot of bullying!

And it doesn’t stop there, the Boston Children’s Hospital released a study earlier this year, that says even though the bullying stops, the harm sticks around forever. People who experienced harrassment at any age experienced worse mental and physical health later in life, plus increased depressive symptoms and lower self-worth. Another study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found victims of bullying had increases in anxiety disorders, panic disorder, and depression, additionally, people who were bullied had higher levels of C-reactive protein, a biomarker which has been linked to higher cardiovascular risks. Bullies, they had lower levels of that protein.

Anyway, the reasons aren’t clear, but a study by the Family Institute at Northwestern University said teenagers have more difficulty processing and dealing with cyber bullying, than classic bullying simply because online is more solitary. No one comes to the victim’s defence, and it’s difficult for a victim to work out differences with the bully. This isn’t just a kids issue either, climate scientists are cyberbullied constantly. Gavin Schmidt, a climate scientist for NASA, told Scientific American he gets a lot of hate mail and intimidating letters. Journalists, myself included, also experience bullying on a regular basis.

Again, females have it worse than males, as exposed by the current #GamerGate bullcrap. But that’s neither here nor there. Cyberbullying is truly horrible to the people it affects, and it’s becoming such a growing problem a 13-year-old from Chicago entered a project in the Google Science Fair that cut bullying comments by 93.43 percent — her invention? A piece of software that identifies a mean comment and simply asks if they’re sure they want to post it. Almost everyone tested reconsidered. Luckily there’s already software out there to protect you from cyberbullying and other online dangers out there.

Human – Feline Relationship Explored & Revealed

Human and cats releationship

Want to know why your cat only loves you some of the time? Then come see me after this intro. Look at this face. Stare into it’s ferocious untamable eyes. Cower in it’s innate ability to stealthily stalk prey to satisfy it’s carnivorous desire for blood. That little grumpy cat retains a wild side my friends. By wild side, I mean wildcat side, as it is still very closely related to the wildcat, as researchers who have been tinkering around in the genome of house cats have discovered that they are still very closely related to their wild brethren and as a result, are only semi-domesticated. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis found that your little kitty still retains numerous characteristics shared by its wild kin, like hunting abilities, sensory traits, and digestive similarities.

The human-feline relationship began around 9,000 years ago as man’s agricultural efforts thrived. As a result, researchers speculate that undomesticated wild feline ancestors utilized the crops as a hunting ground for rodents that fed on the grains. This created a very symbiotic bond with humans who were like, these potentially dangerous cats are great, I’ll reward them with other scraps of food. And maybe try stroking one once in awhile…depending on its stroke to claw my face ratio. This reward system encouraged the ferocious felines to return for some easy eats, and over time, the fear of humans diminished as genes associated with reward response and fear slowly altered over time. These more domesticated cats would then breed with similar domesticated cats, eventually leading to the lazy thing thing in the corner of your house bathing in that splash of light pouring in through the window but don’t turn your back on that fat cat, it’s still very wild at heart and will end you in your sleep.

Compared to dogs, which we’ve been domesticating for an estimated 30,000 years, it turns out the human impact on cats has been relatively small and that explains why your cuddly little furball is so solitary and frequently terrorizes the mouse and bird populations of your cul-de-sac. Interestingly enough, it seems the biggest impact we humans have had on felines is in fur and color pattern as we have aggressively been breeding them for their looks for the past 200 years. Make that one make it with that one cause I want a fluffy calico.